$1895 - Early Bird Fee

$1995 - Full Registration Fee


You have the option of paying a $500 deposit in advance of the course to ensure your space, rather than paying the full amount. The balance is due by noon the Friday before the program orientation.


No refunds will be issued after 7 days of class. Cancellations made within 5 days of the start date of class will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.


In order to remain in the TESOL certificate program, all courses and individual coursework requirements within the program must be completed on the due dates posted on Moodle within the time frame of the course.


Students are asked to notify the instructor immediately if extenuating circumstances, such as documented personal or family illness or a death in the family, should prevent them from completing or redoing an assignment before the course ends. Failure to complete all assignments within the time frame of the course and/or failure to attend the Saturday session will result in the student having to retake and pay for the course the next time it is offered.


For personal/family or medical emergencies, students can be granted a leave of absence and continue the program the next semester that it is offered as long as the reason for the leave is documented and sent to the program director within a month of the emergency.


Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be grounds for dismissal from the program without a refund.



The Office of Professional Development can help you with submitting a Sallie Mae loan application. If you would like to pursue a Sallie Mae loan, call 919.515.2261.