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The ESL Symposium of 2017 will bring together as many as 1,000 ESL teachers, specialists, and publishers for an enriching two days of professional development and community-building.

Plenary speakers will address current topics in ESL ranging from curriculum to culture, and participants will engage in discussions sharing knowledge, ideas, and resources with a variety of other ESL professionals.

We hope you will join us in learning, sharing, and working together to better teach, serve, and support our local ESL communities. Register today!

Toby Brody, Symposium Chair
Cathy Harrison, Co-Chair  

A Glimpse of What Is to Come...

  • Academic Language Development
  • Academic Success and "Growth Mindsets"
  • Bilingual Education
  • Developing Consultation and Collaborative Skills
  • Dual Language Pedagogy
  • Empowering Adult Students
  • ESL & Math
  • ESL & Science
  • ESL Writing & Assessment
  • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Attending Publishers

  • Benchmark Education
  • Blanchard Educational Services
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Caslon Publishing
  • Continental Press
  • Data Recognition Corporation
  • DynED
  • Easy English NEWS
  • Imagine Learning
  • National Geographic Learning
  • New Reader's Press
  • One Stop Word Shop
  • Pearson ELT
  • The University of Michigan Press

Photos of the 2017 Conference

2017 Videos

  • Speakers

    • Ester J. de Jong
      Ester J. de JongTESOL President

      Professor in ESOL/Bilingual Education / Director of the School of Teaching and Learning
      University of Florida
    • Linda Grant
      Linda GrantAuthor of the pronunciation textbooks, Well Said and Well Said Intro

      Editor of the teacher resource volume, Pronunciation Myths: Applying Second Language Research to the Classroom
    • Sandra Elbaum
      Sandra ElbaumAuthor of the popular four-part Grammar in Context series

      Veteran teacher with 36 years of experience teaching ES/FL
    • Deborah Short
      Deborah Short Co-developer of the SIOP® Model for sheltered instruction

      Senior research associate, Center for Applied Linguistics

      Author and professional development consultant
    • Kate Menken
      Kate Menken Professor of Linguistics at Queens College of the City University of New York

      Co-Principal Investigator of the CUNY-New York State Initiative for Emergent Bilinguals project

      Author of Common Core, Bilingual and English Language Learners: A Resource for Educators (Calson)
    • Tatyana Kleyn
      Tatyana Kleyn Associate Professor and director of the Bilingual Education and TESOL Programs at the City College of New York (CUNY)

      Director co-producer of the documentary "Una Vida, Dos Países: Children and Youth (Back) in Mexico."
    • Christina M. Cavage
      Christina M. Cavage Author of Next Generation Grammar 1 and University Success, Oral Communication

      ESL teacher, trainer for 26 years

      Blended Learning Advocate and FLIPper
    • Bill Bliss
      Bill Bliss Teacher, trainer, refugee center manager, advocate for immigrant education, author and president of the Language & Communication Workshop.

      His language learning programs include Side by Side, Word by Word, and the Voices of Freedom citizenship program.
    • José Viana
      José Viana Assistant Deputy Secretary and Director, Office of English Language Acquisition, Department of Education