Hunt Library


Preconference and Conference

Carolyn Argentati
Deputy Director of Libraries
NCSU Libraries
Ruth Baleiko
The Miller Hull Partnership
Jon Bath
Assistant Professor Art and Art History and Director
Humanities and Fine Arts Digital Research Centre
University of Saskatchewan
Stephen Chung
Patrick Deaton
Associate Director for Learning Spaces and Capital Management
NCSU Libraries
Philip Dolin
Particle Productions NYC
Gwen Emery
Director of Library Environments
NCSU Libraries
Christopher Erdmann
Head Librarian
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Elliot Felix
brightspot strategy
Maryellen Fitzgibbon
Senior Planner
Harvard University
Marsha Gordon
Associate Professor of Film Studies
NC State University
Jason Evans Groth
User Experience Librarian for Digital Media
NCSU Libraries
Harriette Hemmasi
Joukowsky Family University Librarian
Brown University
Joel Herndon
Head of Data and Visualization Services
Duke Libraries
Tom Hickerson
Vice Provost and University Librarian
University of Calgary
Alexander Isley
Creative Director
Alexander Isley Inc. Designers
Glenn Kneebone
The Paw Print Manager/Circulation Supervisor
University of Montana
Madeleine Lefebvre
Chief Librarian
Ryerson University
Joan Lippincott
Associate Executive Director
Coalition for Networked Information
Emily Lynema
Associate Head of Information Technology
Discovery Systems
NCSU Libraries
Marvin Malecha
Dean of the College of Design
NC State University
Deanna Marcum
Managing Director
Ithaka S+R
Brian Mathews
Associate Dean
Virginia Tech Libraries
Mary Ann Mavrinac
Neilly Dean
River Campus Libraries
University of Rochester
Elaine Molinar
Partner and Managing Director - The Americas
Steve Morris
Associate Director for the Digital Library
NCSU Libraries
Catherine Murray-Rust
Dean of Libraries and Vice Provost for Academic Effectiveness
Georgia Institute of Technology
Susan K. Nutter
Vice Provost and Director of Libraries
NC State University
Greg Raschke
Associate Director for Collections and Scholarly Communication
NCSU Libraries
E. Patrick Rashleigh
Data Visualization Coordinator
Brown University Library
Renee Reaume
Digital Media and Technology Services
University of Calgary Libraries
Barbara Rockenbach
Humanities and History Libraries
Columbia University
Jay Schafer
Director of Libraries
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jill Sexton
Head of Information Technology
NCSU Libraries
Carol Shepstone
University Librarian
Mount Royal University
Ray Siemens
Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing and Distinguished Professor
Faculty of Humanities
University of Victoria (via video)
David Silver
Associate Professor of Media Studies, Environmental Studies, and Urban Agriculture
University of San Francisco
Bryan Sinclair
Associate Dean
Public Services
Georgia State University Library
Mary M. Somerville
University Librarian and Library Director
University of Colorado Denver
Donald J. Waters
Senior Program Officer for Scholarly Communications
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Joe M. Williams
Director of Public Services
University Library
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
David Woodbury
Associate Head
User Experience
NCSU Libraries
R. Michael Young
Professor of Computer Science
NC State University



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