Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA), June 23-26, 2013

Proposal Submissions

All submissions will be made through the SECoPA 2016 conference's online portal where you will be asked to select from the following proposal types:

1. Individual academic paper
2. Full academic paper panel (at least three papers plus a discussant)
3. Individual practitioner professional presentation (without a formal paper)
4. Full practitioner panel (four presentations with or without papers)
5. Individual research poster (academic or practitioner)

Academic Papers and Panels. For those interested in submitting an academic paper, you will be asked to provide the paper title and an abstract (250-500 words) that includes the research question, a summary of theory, data, method, preliminary findings, and the importance or implications of the work.). You will also be asked to select the appropriate track for the paper from the above bulleted list.

For those interested in submitting a proposal for an academic paper panel, you will be asked to submit: the proposed panel title; names, affiliations, and contact information of participants (and an indication of who is the panel convener); a summary of the research that will be presented (please note that each participant's paper should be summarized in the panel submission); and the program track you believe best fits your panel. The program chairs encourage panels that include both academics and practitioners.

Practitioner Presentations and Panels. For practitioners submitting a professional presentation or panel-with or without a formal paper(s)-you will be asked to provide: a presentation/panel title; the program track you believe best fits your presentation/panel; your/the panelists' institutional affiliation; a brief (250-500 words) description of the proposed presentation/panel that includes a statement of the intended learning outcomes for attendees, and an estimated presentation length (typical presentations are 10-20 minutes, typical panels consist of multiple presentations over 60-90 minutes).

Research Posters. Individuals wishing to present a summary of their research or professional practice in a poster session format will be asked to submit the same general information as those presenting academic papers or professional presentations. (Note: the conference program chairs may offer poster session opportunities to those submitting paper or panel proposals that do not easily fit with other accepted conference papers or panels.)

Student Best Paper Awards

The prestigious Robert L. Kline Award (for masters students) and the Morris W. H. Collins Award (for doctoral students) for best papers will be presented to students presenting original research at the conference. To be considered for an award, should submit abstracts for their proposed papers through the conference's online submission system and to the chair of the appropriate award committee:

For more information regarding Awards Criteria and Descriptions, please see the "Awards" section of the SECoPA website:

Registration and Proposal Submission Deadlines

  • Deadline for submission of proposals: August 1, 2016
  • Approval notification: August 15, 2016
  • Registration system opens: February 15, 2016