Symposium Highlights

Cost-Savings: FLEX & Risk-Based Operation

  • Taking Credit from FLEX
  • Risk-Based Plant Operation

State-of-the-Art: High Wind Hazard

  • Operating Experience, State of the Art, & EPRI Research
  • Lessons Learned from PRAs for Duke Energy Fleet & St. Lucie Plant

Latest on Flood Hazard

  • TVA Paleo Flood Investigations
  • Uncertainty in PFHAs to Reduce Cost

New on Seismic Hazard

  • NGA-East: Next-Generation Attenuation Model for Central & Eastern United States
  • FIRS: Foundation Input Response Spectra for Non-Ergodic Ground Motion Model
  • PSHA Testing for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

Advances in Seismic Fragility

  • EPRI Research & Methodology
  • Metallic Component Margins
  • High Frequency Ductility

Cutting-Edge Methods for Seismic Risk Assessment

  • Analytical, Experimental, & Experience-Based
  • High-Performance Computing & Nonlinear Simulation
  • Real-Life, Recent Performance Data
  • Correlations & Dependencies

Reducing Cost via Uncertainty in SSI Analysis

  • New ASCE 4 Standard
  • Nonlinear SSI Analysis, High-Performance Computing
  • Improved Seismic Fragility
  • SASSI Verification & Validation-U.S. Department of Energy Project

Early Movers of SPRA-Lessons Learned

  • Diablo Canyon, North Anna, Peach Bottom & Watts Bar Plants
  • Duke Energy, Entergy & Southern Nuclear Fleets

Forward Looking-External Hazard Updates

  • DOE Guidelines
  • Canadian Perspective

New: Seismically-Induced Fires & Floods-EPRI Guidance



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